China Construction Civil Engineering Co., Ltd.  is one of global 500 corporations and the backbone of China State Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. in the field of infrastructure. CCCEC is headquartered in Fengtai District, Beijing,  having seven companies in China and Overseas Business Division, Equipment Operation Business Divisions,China Construction Civil Engineering Test Co., Ltd , and Engineering Research Institute. It upholds the strategy of professionalized development and regionalized operation and has formed four core business in railway engineering, highway municipals, rail transit and new business, with two professional business chains of equipment operation and experimental testing, structuring the coordinated development of domestic and foreign markets.

Professional Advantage

The Company, as the backbone of CSCEC in infrastructure construction has always taken the lead in this field and successively undertaken (participated in the construction of) Nanjing South Railway Station (the largest of its kind in Asia), Zhengzhou-Xuzhou High Speed Railway (the one adopting the CRTS III ballastless track at a large scale for the first time in China), Chongqing Hongyan Village Bridge and Tunnel Project with seven tunnels and one section, 64 km Jinan-Qingdao High Speed Railway Reconstruction and Expansion Project, and 287 km N6 Highway Project in Mozambique. The Company has made great achievements in railway, municipal highways, and sports venues etc.

Technological Superiority

The Company has been committing to the research and development of “green construction” and “intelligent construction”. It has established CCEED Infrastructure Research Institute and has leading core technologies in CRTS III ballastless track construction, high-cold and frozen earth construction, complex tunnel construction and prefabricated bridge construction. It got the National High-tech Enterprise Certificate in 2017. In recent 5 years, the Company has received the licensing of 221 patents, 23 provincial and ministerial construction methods, and 17 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, participated in 2 national research projects, and held over 10 international advanced or leading technologies. While strengthening the research and development of core technology, the Company is also actively exploring the application of new technologies. The self-developed prefabricated plate beam automatic walking chiseling machine, adaptive variable section bending truss system, 50mT beam hydraulic sliding mode system and other achievements have been applied successfully, bringing significant social and economic benefits.

Equipment Superiority

After years of development, the Company has formed a complete construction equipment system and operation management system. It is the third-level organization in CSCEC with the largest-scale equipment, the richest categories and the most complete operation management. It has nearly 1,000 sets of construction machineries, including railway 900-ton box-girder equipment for lifting, transporting and erecting, with the total asset value of RMB 1 billion. It’s able to erect 2,000 girders for high speed railway under various working conditions, construct 300 km asphalt pavement and produce 5.3 million m3 concrete. In addition, it has about 2,600 sets of testing equipment, and therefore is qualified for and able to carry out inspection and testing for municipal engineering projects.

Responsible Central Enterprises

Guided by the core values of “Quality Assurance and Value Creation”, the Company has devoted itself to the work of disaster relief and rural poverty alleviation to actively respond to the call of the CPC and the government and show its responsibility as a central enterprise. Since 2011, the Company has successively participated in a series of rescue and relief work, such as reconstruction after Yushu Earthquake, evacuation of the nationals from Libya, citizen resettlement after the “8.12” Explosion Accident in Tianjin Binhai New Area, 2016 Flood Rescue in Wuhan, and 2019 Cyclone Idai Rescue. Moreover, it has undertaken the files establishment project in Qiandongnan Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou, providing conditions for the poverty alleviation of the poverty-stricken areas.