The preparatory team of China-Thailand high-speed railway donated epidemic prevention and daily necessities to

In 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic has brought a heavy disaster to mankind. In the face of the disaster, people of all countries in the world are closely united to fight against the epidemic. The preparatory team of China-Thailand high-speed railway actively ......

The company held the fourth overseas epidemic prevention and control video conference

on April 21 afternoon, the company held in Beijing for the fourth time the epidemic prevention and control work video conference, meeting in mozambique, Thailand, Congo (cloth), Egypt, Cameroon five regional set video at the venue, the company vice secret ......

Wuhan Five Rings Sports Center Unveiled to the World

On the evening of October 9, Wuhan Five Rings Sports Center made its debut in a defense military program of CCTV7, and Project Executive Manager Hu Leisong was interviewed. ......

“Su Jinggao Innovation Studio” Overcomes Technical Problems of Tunnels Construction

Given the mass of tunnels, novel structural design, complicated construction methods, and special surrounding environment, such construction cases at home and abroad are rare. ......

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